While being in the field of web development one can't afford to jump right out at the top, but there are few lazy ones(like myself) who tend to make friends so one can help each other in need. Though I started my journey as a forum member and a freeloader(for some I still am) the first turn of events was with sixserve, not the current one but the old one that happened to be a open community though I was a member of their community I got promoted along with my good old buddy @Perryoo11(crazy bastard) to be forum moderators then right after few months i got another promotion to be a Supervisor and after around a year the operative staff decided to shut down sixserve(though I still feel that the operative staff should have backed up forum and re-opened it, I guess they got their own reasons and I didn't reason them for that) the rightful journey started after closure of sixserve.


Firstly we(me and the Crazy Bastard) were asked by the Vladimir Stafford for volunteer Staff positions in Rilex Technologies, LLC which we gladly accepted because who doesn't love to be a freeloader on someone else's server(specially if its bigger enough to be reputable host) in the meantime we developed a widely known sense called "Friendship" though we still are friends but Rilex is now renowned to Stafford's Enterprises, LLC and we are not part of it but I still am a freeloader on his commercial server. As appreciation, I will gladly help him out if I am needed no matter if it's a big job or a small side code editing everything is fine for friends. If you are eager to visit them I suppose you can follow them here


After the launch of TinkerHost(a brand of Rilex Technologies, LLC) we decided to do a forum along with host, though the code management section fall under my command we decided to call it off because it wasn't getting any attention from our visitors. After a few months I met Someone called Noah Dwaileebe although I was not a badass coder or something like that though I do confess I was a crazy guy(though some says I still am) who got some good(sometimes its bad) imagination, we became friends and he provided me a pretty good server also he offered to help some community members by donating a VPS to Post4VPS, but let me tell you this guy have the best cheap servers I have ever seen especially KVM. Noah been a good helping friend i can count on in desperate situation as he sometimes comes up with some good ideas and he also love to hear mine whether they are good or bad the most awesome thing about him is that he is quite positive no matter what he never said a depressing word about his business and he always wish that everyone should be happy. If you are interested in doing business with him I suggest you do it without any concern to check out their plans and pricing head over to


Crazy Bastard

Perry is helping me since we met on sixserve well, to be honest, I am quite jealous of him as he got quite a gaming rig with awesome specs and he happens to be a lazy ass too so we got along quite well we are simple minded and we are crazy who could think of an amazing pair of friends then this but there is a problem with my jealousy, want to know the reason? Its that he lives in the Netherlands plus he got some insane games in his steam on top of all he is fucking famous in his surroundings unlike me who is a shut-in and otaku who loves anime, manga, and doujinshi. Ever heard of doujinshi? I wouldn't recommend it if you are under 18 but somehow you are able to cross your 18 then god knows what will you do while reading doujinshi. If you want to look for him(not the doujinshi artist/s but Perry) then head over here


A few Chutiye

I got some local friends whom I dedicated this paragraph they are all chutiye in English dictionary it can be predicted as "Brainless Morons" but I love all of my chutiye friends let me introduce two of them, first the biggest Chutiya there is Rajat who loves Tobacco and samosa more than a decent meal. I don't know what he sees in those but without his tobacco, he often appears as shit who lost his 2 grand on the road but it doesn't concern me at all. Then there is Prince though he is not actually a prince of somewhere he got that name by profession he is a nurse(awkward who wants a male nurse I know I don't, you want him? you can have him) but he is life savor he helped me countless times and always supported me I always ask him favors for my errands but he is good person by heart maybe that's the reason he is still single and never had a girlfriend every girl he asks out turns him down following a legendary dialogue "Tum mere Bhai Jaise ho" translated as "You are like brother to me", talk about tragedy the top three chutiye are single XD.




A simple and lazy nerd who loves everything a tech lover can love, i mean i love codes, anime, forums, etc but along them i also love the nature and family.