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Do free servers or hosting exist?

December 3, 2018 - Reading time: 5 minutes

Hello guys, today i've decided to write about free servers or hosting. So you are new in the field and you already decided you got no budget to spend on servers? well, that's not an issue nowadays as the number of Hosting Providers are rising constantly the Marketing agenda already shifted so they can achieve a reasonable number of consumers. Then let's talk about free servers or free hosting, in the past five years I've seen many free hosting providers(if you ever searched for free hosting the vast number of website should always appear in front of you) but most of them are either using ByteHost(iFastnet) or should I say MyOwnFreeHost. There was a time when MOFH was on par with Hostinger's YouHost, but in the end YouHost was called off and what's more surprising is that there is no trace left of YouHost or their partners. In actual, most of the free hosting providers are either moved from MOFH and YouHost or they are funded by a premium hosting provider, but don't forget there are also scammy ones too.

Let's talk about choosing one, I basically wouldn't suggest you choose a free shared hosting because they are not always good as it sound. I mean around half of the free hosting websites are just using you to either for their ads or your personal information, so be cautious when deciding to get a free hosting. There are few good free hosting providers including instafree, x10hosting, sixserve, etc but I would always suggest you have a paid hosting account instead. I mean nowadays shared hosting is much cheaper then it used to be in 2010 in fact you can easily find a host willing to provide a shared hosting for as low as $6-10/yearly. See its not even costly then the domain itself.

Now let's come to Servers, although there is not a provider who can give you a dedicated server for free(but there used to be one sponsoring with 1 dedicated server) there are countless providers who are sponsoring or used to be sponsor the post 2 host communities with free Virtual Private server's also known as VPS(s). The honorable mention of can't be excluded when we are talking about free servers if my memories serve me right then I recall the biggest post 2 host community existed until they decided to seized its function. Now they are just an archive to recall some old memories. On free VPS I remember there were countless VPS available to apply in return of merely 15-20 posts per month, there were also some other post 2 host communities who tried to reach the top as did but most of them are out of commision. If I recall correctly nationservers and gigarank were two of them, but as of now Post4VPS along with is still operating. Since I can't make a promise for their future, but I would love to see them active at least since a number of members migrated to Post4VPS and I don't want to see them get shut down too, it will be a shock for me if th ever decided to shut down their functions.

Now let's talk about how post 2 host community works, post 2 host communities are just a 3rd party forum who directly gives away free VPS in return of monthly posts. The VPSs are not provided by post 2 host communities itself though on the owner itself was providing the VPS servers but now when they switched to its all thanks to the providers. Now back to the working of post 2 host communities, basically it's quite simple you first need to register with a post 2 host community then complete the required quota so you can apply for a VPS in a giveaway and by any chance, you got lucky you will get your VPS by the end of giveaway. But it doesn't mean its completely free, you have to complete the monthly quota required to keep the VPS as well as the special requirement mentioned in the VPS package. Pretty easy isn't it? I would say yeah if you ask me but it depends on the users itself whether they are able to complete monthly quota or not.

If you are wondering "I want a free VPS but I don't want to do the posting stuff" then I would like to apologize my friend since its not possible, though you can get free trial VPS from some providers. But hey a trial is a trial, they last from 1-30 days depending on the provider. Plus you have to give them your credit card information for verification purpose(although there are some who says they don't need credit card information for VPS trials). Then are free tiers provided by Google and AWS since I am not an AWS or google cloud user I can't tell you much about them, so forgive me?.

Here comes the personal info regarding my blog, I am working on to add a comment system(in actual I was working but I forgot to continue it) so if someone thought of leaving a comment then they will be able to do so, just hang on a little more. Okay? Thanks for your time reading my bullshit and a sincere apology for getting you guys to read it if you don't like it and in the end "Arigato Gozaimashita"(I know I am not Japanese but how can I foresee those cute, no, too cute girls, I should stop right here, stoppa).

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