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Free Cash Rewards? Surveys? Opinion? Really?

May 1, 2019 - Reading time: 6 minutes

Yeah, you can if you are willing to let your information be shared with companies who request a survey(or surveys) to be conducted through a Panel in exchange for opinion to diverse the marketing or product agenda time to time. I know it seems fishy but as long as you read the privacy policy for each survey company or Panel you will not be get fooled for your data, let's say as an example company A is requesting a Survey through Panel B and the Panel B requests the User Pool C to complete the survey in exchange of rewards. Seems to good to be true but what if the Survey was related the latest trends and the company behind the survey wants to know the choices we make for a product and that's where it counts. In actual surveys always doesn't contain any personal information(at least not the panels I use) but alas I said surveys the panel does old your personal records like Name, email, etc so they can filter the requested Audience for a specific survey. By doing so you only receive invites for surveys you are eligible to take part in but I can't say anything about it now cause I am personally using around three to four survey Panels. I think its enough about surveys and let's talk about survey panels a little bit, Kindly do note that they are Survey Panels I Trust the most but there are few countless ones which I don't like because of some personal reasons and some for privacy concerns.

1. OpinionWorld

I have been using OpinionWorld since 2017 and the surveys I got with them are all interesting the only downside is you might not get the notification for a survey sooner or not at all so you might have to manually check the dashboard for available surveys(although the notifications were working fine till the last December). Talking about the privacy OpinionWorld is by far transparent with the user data they only share the analytic data with the requesting firm nothing else. Let's talk about rewards I don't think they directly provide cash rewards unless you've won their quarterly prize draw but don't worry you can cash your rewards with the help of gift cards, they support wide range gift card redemption including Flipkart, arrow, bata, etc and they do deliver the gift cards within the one month period of redemption although the minimum threshold is set for 500 points(it varies by countries) which can be interpreted as INR500. If you don't mind gift cards instead of real cash then OpinionWorld is by far the best Panel I have ever joined, to join OpinionWorld kindly do visit them here for India and here for USA/Global.

2. YouGov

Ah here comes the second best with real cash rewards in hands, yup you heard it right you can cash out your rewards with PayTM(India only) or PayPal(Global), the surveys from YouGov are interesting cause sometimes the surveys are conducted and requested by YouGov itself so they better understand the survey fields better than most survey panels. Every survey invites you receives through YouGov are hosted on YouGov's Internal servers so you don't have to worry about the data being stolen in the survey process plus the survey engine is always the same for every survey conducted and that's the game changer cause you don't have to follow the different privacy policy approach for every survey you attend. The minimum threshold you can withdraw is currently set for 5000 points which can be exchanged for $50 or INR3600 which I think is pretty good for a survey panel. To join YouGov kindly do visit them here.

3. The Panel Station

Its the last Panel I currently use cause of its lowest threshold for withdrawal it is set to 3000 points which can be redeemed as INR300 PayTM or any other available gift card option, TPS is not that great when comes to the survey panels but currently they are earning their names here maybe cause the surveys are well rewarded who knows? but we careful about their surveys, sometimes the surveys are conducted on someone's else server's so please don't forget to read the privacy policy before starting the survey. Although I didn't find any loopholes in the privacy policies I have read till now but I can't promise the same for the future. Although they have a referral system through their Android app but sometimes(most of the time) it doesn't work at all but hey no one said it won't work in future maybe it is already fixed? Wanna give it a try? For that to work, you have to download the IOS or Android app from here and use the code "6615A2" (of course without quotes) and we both will get 500 points when you complete the Five survey threshold.

Something missed?

Maybe payments proofs? or something like a piece of vital information? you can now use the comment section and I will love to add it so there you have it, my top three survey panels who are performing better than any other survey panels(well at least for me). Gotta give it to you all this article took more than just an hour to finish so be careful next time the next article will be about my personal preferences and addiction. Peace :)

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