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Setting up my blog

October 30, 2018 - Reading time: ~1 minute

Hello guys, i recently started working on my personal blog, it might not be that great as some of you might expected but i will try to improve it overtime, let's say maybe after few months. I happens to be researching about blogging platforms that have to be lightweight and guess what i decided to go with Bludit.

Okay, so what exactly is Bludit and why i choose it over WrodPress or Ghost? As some of guys already knows what Bludit is i will try to explain in simple words, Bludit is a light weight flat file CMS. I choose Bludit over WP and Ghost because i was in need of a simple blogging platform which is smooth on my resources as Bludit doesn't require any database engine i decided to go with it. Not only that but Bludit have some pretty features including Easy Template engine, extensive plugin support, community support, etc so why wouldn't i go with it.

Want to test out bludit yourself? That's pretty good you just need a webserver with PHP and apache redirects supports and you are good to go, you can download Bludit from their official website or from their GitHub I hope to see you guys lurking around :)

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