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Free Cash Rewards? Surveys? Opinion? Really?

May 1, 2019 - Reading time: 6 minutes

Yeah, you can if you are willing to let your information be shared with companies who request a survey(or surveys) to be conducted through a Panel in exchange for opinion to diverse the marketing or product agenda time to time. I know it seems fishy but as long as you read the privacy policy for each survey company or Panel you will not be get fooled for your data, let's say as an example company A is requesting a Survey through Panel B and the Panel B requests the User Pool C to complete the survey in exchange of rewards. Seems to good to be true but what if the Survey was related the latest trends and the company behind the survey wants to know the choices we make for a product and that's where it counts. In actual surveys always doesn't contain any personal information(at least not the panels I use) but alas I said surveys the panel does old your personal records like Name, email, etc so they can filter the requested Audience for a specific survey. Read more


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